Free Your Mind! The Business Owner vs The Employee Mindset

Hello, Ladies!

Last time I talked about the importance of having a Plan B. Now, the pessimist may say that you are planning to fail or that you lack focus by having more than one plan. But, this is just one of a few examples of how a specific belief keeps your mind on lockdown. And in essence, you block your blessings.

En Vogue said it best when they sang the words: “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.”

This is about mindset, not your role at your job. Just because you work as an employee does not mean you can’t think like a business owner. In fact, having a business owner mindset opens you up to opportunities you would have never seen thinking like an employee.



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Whatever challenge you face, the question to ask is: “Who am I in this circumstance?” That is for you to answer, no one else. Forget about what your spouse, friend, family, or co-worker tells you. This is your decision, so own it!



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Some characteristics of the Business Owner mindset include:

  1. Understands how the money flows through a business. And as a result, they understand how they add value and can negotiate a fair price for their services. They seldom complain about being underpaid, regardless of gender. The wage gap does not exist for them because they set their price. Either you pay it, or you don’t get their services.
  2. Follows their instinct even when external circumstances show the opposite. They pay attention and they listen. Healthy skepticism leads the way.
  3. They are alert and always have a Plan B. They don’t wait until something catastrophic happens before they decide they need a backup plan.

On the flip side is someone with an employee mindset.

Some characteristics of the Employee mindset include:

  1. Only focus on the task at hand and have no idea or interest in how their role contributes to the business bottom line.
  2. Frankly, I’m not worried about being laid off. Like the Bugs Bunny cartoon when the ostrich sticks its head in the ground. Refuse to see what is going on and face it. More likely to believe what their manager tells them without question. Blind trust has consequences.




  1. Complacent – It’s easy to get blindsided by an unexpected event. Not having a Plan B adds to the stress of the circumstances. Let’s take an example based on current events. The government shutdown is impacting millions of people right now. The number in the news varies. 800,000 is a number I see often. Yet, I said millions. Why? Because when a government employee gets furloughed or is forced to work without pay, if they don’t have a Plan B, they can’t pay their rent or mortgage. Now the landlord has an income shortfall. And if they don’t have a Plan B, they can’t pay the babysitter or day care center who is taking care of their kid. And now the owner of the day care center, if they don’t have a Plan B, can’t pay the cleaning company. And now the owner of the cleaning company, if they don’t have a Plan B, can’t afford the medication for their elderly family member. And on… And on… And on. FOLLOW THE MONEY!



Photo Credit: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Ladies, what is your Plan B?

It’s January, still the month where New Year’s resolutions remain alive. Start today. Start now!

All the best to you!



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