Getting Offended is a Choice ~ Reclaim Your Power Now


I have some thoughts I want to share with you after reading an article online this morning. Someone spent an entire article justifying how they were offended by someone else’s behavior. And they wanted an apology from this person for offending them. Now speaking from my own life experience, a couple decades ago I would have agreed 100% with the article. However, one of the most empowering lessons that I have learned along the way is that getting offended by someone else’s behavior is a choice that you make. And through this choice, you are giving your power away.

Every time you get offended by someone else’s actions, you choose to give some of your power away. And now, after you read this, you have an opportunity to take your power back. Just because someone’s words or actions are inappropriate does not mean that you have to be offended by it. Being offended means you have chosen how to allow someone else’s actions to impact you.

For me to get offended, both of these two things have to happen:

1) Someone has to say or do something that is inappropriate.

2) I have to believe what that person says or does to be the truth of who I am.

While I cannot control #1 as I cannot control someone else’s behavior, I can most definitely control #2 as that pertains to me. And I can tell you this: #2 will not happen. I will not forget who I am. And the wonderful thing is you get to choose what your truth is. You define who you are, and you have the power not to allow someone else to define that for you. As long as I remember the truth of who I am to be a child of God, here to serve, then I won’t get offended by that person’s behavior. Mind you, I did NOT say that their actions were appropriate. They may very well have been inappropriate, but I decide how much energy I want to spend on letting that define me. I choose to spend NONE. And in doing so, I claim my power, all of it! This is how I live a life of freedom!




Ladies? Remember who you are! Claim your power! Stand in it! It’s yours to give away, if you choose. Keep it! Keep it close to your heart!

Make it a wonderful day!

Aneshia Y. Smith

P.S. – If you claim your power or know someone who is searching for theirs, please share this post!



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